Veteran Owned Small Business for Three Generations

Founder - Curtis C. Bailey As a kid growing up in beautiful Northern California, Curt Bailey was always outside. With three older brothers and a little sister in tow, there was never a dull moment and many crazy adventures in Chico Creek, Butte Meadows or even their own backyard.

Although Curt’s parents, Tom and Sharon Bailey, ran their own cattle ranch, Curt spent much of his time tinkering with whatever electronics and gadgets he could get his hands on.

In 1973, at 22 years old, Curt enlisted in the United States Army and served in the Korean War as a journalist photographer under the Second Infantry.

Soon after arriving back home in the States, Curt got a job working for his local parks maintenance and from there his love of parks, nature and all things outdoors grew into a passion that quickly ignited action.

After seeing first-hand what uncontrolled litter, graffiti and vandalism can do to the environment and the quality of parks, Curt threw himself into inventing and patenting new and improved products such as Etch Resistant No Glass Mirrors, Soap Dispensers and even Electric Hand Dryers.

These vandal proof products now not only serve in parks, but rest stops, bars, and even US Navy Aircraft carriers.

Curt was also an avid participant of the community in other ways including being a member of the Forest Ranch Lions Club and maintaining Chico’s Veterans Memorial. His biggest passion outside of outdoors was his family’s history and after months of research on the Bailey’s lineage and connection to the Hoghton Towers located in Preston, England, Curt was able to travel overseas and walk the very grounds of the castle he had read so much about.


Shortly thereafter, following a courageous battle with cancer, Curt passed away on August 2nd, 2015. However, he dedicated even his last months to make certain that Vandal Stop Products would stay the outstanding company that he had created it to be.